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“The Beautiful Church of the Armenian Christians - Jerusalem, Palestine”, 1897

Underwood & Underwood publishers

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Strohmeyer & Wyman
Underwood & Underwood publishers

“An Artist in his Line”,1898

Strohmeyer & Wyman
Underwood & Underwood publishers

“Lord Roberts Advance of Pretoria”,1901

Underwood & Underwood publishers

Taking the heavy naval guns across the Vet River

Lord Roberts' advance on Pretoria, South Africa

“Gardens of Gesthsemane
and Mount of Olives - From the Eastern Wall Jerusalem, Palestine”,1899

Underwood & Underwood publishers

“Kitzloch Fall (330 ft.) in the Wild Ravine of the Ache, Tyrol, Austria”, 1898

Underwood & Underwood publishers

“Agassiz Column, Nature’s Memorial of her renowned Disciple, amidst her grandest Handiwork -- from Union Pt. (N.N.W.) to Yosemite Falls, Cal.”, 1902

Underwood & Underwood publishers

Nude by Auguste Belloc

circa 1855

This is the only one we did not make from an original scan.  It’s from a stereoscopic image we found on wikipedia!  Make your own, see below for instructions!

NationalWaterCooler originals!
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